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Equador (in English)

26.07.2019, travelfood

Ecuadorians seem to especially excited about their visitors. They ask a lot, and do all they can to straighten the challenges they believe that tourists have. A lady tried very hard to solve the complicated transport connections between the Quito airport and the city center. By public means you first need to take an airport bus to reach a bus terminal, from where you need to take a taxi to reach the historical center. When I finally got a taxi, the driver did all he could to take me to the right places during my short stopover. And all this without extra expenses. I also managed to forget my camera on the bus and there was also a very intensive rainfall during my short visit, but believe me – they tried to help me with that too!

Most tourists go to Ecuador to see the Galapagos Islands, but there is a lot more in the tiny country: typical cities by the sea, mountain ranges and volcanoes – and the capital Quito is a typical South American city with Spanish colonial architecture. It is situated by and between steep hills and the sight of the houses along the slopes is stunning.

Ecuadorian food reminds you of Peruvian food and I had the opportunity to taste both ceviche (raw marinated fish) and grilled beef heart (anticucho de corazon). Twice I have had a food built like a tower, with layers of yellow potato mash, chicken sauce and ajo sauce (mayonnaise and ketchup!). The first one was called causa limeña and the other one relleño. And empanada pies are a must also in these corners of South America.

Ecuador could invest a lot more in tourism, and start by developing the infrastructure between the airport and downtown Quito. Now it seems as their northern neighbor Colombia manages to attract more visitors although they have had several slow years because of their civil war.

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