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Sardinia (in English)

02.10.2018, travelfood

Sardinia used to be a popular holiday destination in the 70s and in the 80s, but since then at least Scandinavian travelers have forgotten it. Most of the tourism infrastructure seems a bit worn out by now, but it is still functioning, and at least in our destination, Olbia in northern Sardinia, a lot of …

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Northern Italy

23.09.2016, travelfood

In northern Italy there are numerous famous small towns to be discovered by tourists and they all look a little different with their own old, beautiful city center. For example Ravenna, Ferrara, Padua, Verona, Cremona, Parma, Mantua, Genua and Turin are all well-known but still out-played by the biggies. The biggest city is Milan, but …

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Malta and Sicily

07.02.2012, travelfood

Malta is a sunny Mediterranean island and its white soil and rocks make house facades shine in the daylight. The many cathedrals of capital Valletta make the city look devout and exotic but on the other hand, the English language make the island feel much closer than many other Mediterranean destinations. Although the island is …

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18.01.2012, travelfood

It is easy to write about travel in Italy. Before I have written about Rome and the Naples region, but there is a lot to experience north of Rome as well. Tuscany is often linked with wineries and Florentine art, but there is a lot else in central Italy. Bologna is the capital of culinary …

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Rome, Naples and the Italian Riviera

10.11.2011, travelfood

For many travelers to Italy, Rome is the first destination and the eternal city offers traffic chaos, ruins and Catholic churches. Rome is surely perfect for many, but for me the most interesting Italy are the small towns. From Rome it is easy to do a daytrip for example to beautiful Orvieto, which offers magnificent …

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