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Singapore (in English)

04.11.2016, travelfood

This tiny citystate is something quite unique. It is situated almost at the equator with all its humidity and heat, but the country is still clean and the infrastructure works well. Although there is little space in the state, there are still green parks and even forests to be found there. People live in suburbs in big apartment houses, which are clean and painted inspiringly colourfully. Everywhere you can see busy, motivated people, who despite their long days smile and act friendly.

It is clear that children are especially welcome into this country and there are lots of parks and family attractions to be discovered. The best zoo I have ever been to was Singapore Zoo, with a large scale of animals. They seem to live freely in their own space, because there are natural obstacles installed around their patch. In Singapore there is also Sentosa Island, which is a whole island full of drive trains and experiences for children. Adults are pleased to visit one of the best orchid parks in the world.

Singapore has many city parts with their own cultural distinctiveness. The largest and most colourful is probably Chinatown, but there is also a Little India and a Little Arabia. What seems to join both tourists and locals is the burning desire for shopping. Along Orchard Road there are the most imaginative and luxurious shopping malls, which all could compete with the architecture of any art museum in the world.

If you want to eat Chinese, you go to Chinatown and if Indian food is your gem, you go to Little India. Singaporean food is served from street kiosks and for example mee noodles, char koay noodles and any street food with vegetables and tasty sauces must be tried. If you want something more luxurious, you might want to head to Singapore River for grilled lobster in one of the better restaurants on Clarke’s Quay.

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