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Rome, Naples and the Italian Riviera

10.11.2011, travelfood

For many travelers to Italy, Rome is the first destination and the eternal city offers traffic chaos, ruins and Catholic churches. Rome is surely perfect for many, but for me the most interesting Italy are the small towns. From Rome it is easy to do a daytrip for example to beautiful Orvieto, which offers magnificent …

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07.11.2011, travelfood

Lisbon is a beautiful city, which in many ways resembles of San Francisco. In both cities there are steep hills, trams and similar-looking bridges. From the architecture in Lisbon you can see references to a great past and all the house fronts and tiles radiate of great handicraft tradition. In the nearby town of Sintra …

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06.11.2011, travelfood

When the ship arrived from Spanish port Algeciras to Tanger on Morocco’s north coast, I had planned to continue my Interrail train trip to the old cultural cities of Fez and Meknes or to the more famous Marrakesh and Casablanca. My visit to Morocco ended in Tanger, though. It might not be fair to make …

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San Francisco and California

04.11.2011, travelfood

There is something special about San Francisco. Steep hills, the squeaks from the ever-braking cable cars, the fog rolling from Golden Gate bridge over the city, the cultural diversity – something that make you feel you are not in the United States, although you are touching the innermost of USA. Moving from block to block, …

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Nepal (in English)

02.11.2011, travelfood

Flying from Delhi to Kathmandu, the plane rises the whole time during the last half an hour although the Himalayan slopes, valleys and terraces seems to be as far away under the plane all the time. Kathmandu is situated high up in the mountains although it actually is in a valley. In that valley pollution, …

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Travel and exotic food

31.10.2011, travelfood

In this blog I intend to write about my travel experiences around the world, with emphasis on food. I have studied sociology, so I will most certainly make observations about the people in the destinations, how they live and enjoy life.

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